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Letter of support and solidarity with Ukraine

Vyjadrenie podpory a solidarity APÚMS SR s Ukrajinou, ukrajinskými kolegami, priateľmi a všetkým ľuďom.

We, the members of the Slovak City Managers Association express our joint support for democratic values, peace and freedom. Local governments always serve people in their communities and these communities should remain safe and supporting to each other.

 We cannot stand silently facing the Russian invasion into the free and sovereign country of Ukraine, our neghbour. In the time when the Russian government is brutalizing milions of Ukraine’s innocent people, destroying their democracy and government structures, it is our duty to do what we can do to protect democratic values and peace in Europe.

 We want to call on Russian Federation to cease fire, withdraw its troops from the sovereign territory of Ukraine and solve problems by means of negotiation not by means of warfare.

 We want to show support and solidarity in any possible way with Ukrainian people and our fellow Ukrainian colleagues and friends. We are ready to help in this terrible situation. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with you!

On behalf of local government managers of Slovakia,

Denisa Bartosova

SCMA President


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APUMS pdpora ukrajinských kolegov.docx

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